1. What choice?!

    listen, we live everyday knowing that most of our daily choices might not be the best for us or may have some sort of consequence down the line but thats our individual choice..

    when corporations use deadly, illness causing ingredients in the manufacturing of our food and beverage supply without our knowledge we lose our ability to make the right choices because we assume our government wouldn’t allow that type of abuse through health standards and regulations.. but when our government, congress and supreme court justices are being corporately sponsored by the same corporations making our food products— how the hell do we think we have a say, let alone a choice..

    and when you’re living on a fixed income and you have to decide between buying high priced organic foods or paying your rent, gas and utilities.. you’re damn right that box of$2 kraft mac and cheese and that $1 pepsi looks real good and tasty..

    the fact is our overall health is in decline at a dramatic rate because of convenience, ignorance and a lack of accountability on the individual and federal level..

    but hey.. lets worry about our TV shows, reality stars.. and when the next jordans come out..

    #truthtuesday #getsoffsoapbox #dontcomeforme #iwillcutyouwithwords #doyourownresearch


  2. why do we even pretend to try.

  3. gayindustrialcomplex:

    What is this and how can I never see it again?

    just because.

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  4. bow-ties-and-rainbows:

    I will leave notes on the fridge like that for my baby

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  5. I wish this narrative had some sense of trajectory but I haven’t planned that far in advance.


  6. There are moments, small defining moments, where I am conscious and aware. Those moments are fleeting. Bogged down by the mundane and trivial I have no time to entertain that state of awareness. But when I somehow find myself within that tiny space of time where I can feel and connect to the world around me – it’s liberating. That moment is so precious. It comes and goes but I can’t predict it, I’m never ready for it and chasing after it proves futile. Oh how I wish I could stay there. Stay in that present moment and bask in its beauty. But I can’t. Life prevails against the dreamer. Too many wasted moments dreaming will get you nowhere. The sad thing though, living this life according to the rules leads to the same place.


  7. No Time For Revolution

    I was staring at the computer screen, like I always do. Staring blankly, as if the browser that was opened would magically navigate itself to some never before seen website and shock my senses awake. It did not. I finally blinked to realize the time. It was exactly 13 minutes after 9am. Ugh, 7 hours and 47 minutes left before I was able to shred the mundane tasks of cubical work. I hate being here. I hate the fake office pleasantries. I hate the drab uninspiring colors of this office. Am I the only one? I know I can’t be but why is it so easy for people to be content being a part of a never ending rat race where nobody wins. I’ve never been a fan of this life. I never wanted to end up here yet, here I am. My dad once told me that sometimes you have to do the things you dread to make your way in the world. I hate that shit. If it were up to me I’d be cultivating my talents in art and community. I’d foster hope through compassion and encourage people to break free of their limited cyclical routines. I would lead a revolution. But revolutions don’t pay bills and helping people these days means putting you at risk of being in the same boat that they’re in. And right now, I can’t afford that.


  8. The No. 1 challenge in building a great company is understanding yourself. Most companies reflect the strengths and weaknesses of their founders. Those that are more mindful of their own strengths and weaknesses tend to build more balanced businesses.
  9. Gradually but relentlessly, Japan is evolving into a type of society whose contours and workings have only been contemplated in science fiction